Research Studies

Research Studies

“MacART is a great example of how university and hospital can work together to meet the increasingly complex needs of children and families affected by Autism. For the first time, researchers and clinicians are systematically working together to design and implement more meaningful research that directly meets the needs of Autism collaborators.”

   – Dr. Stelios Georgiades // Founder & Co-Director // MacART


MacART is trying to change the way research is done. We want our research to be meaningful to those who will benefit from it: parents, Autistic people, practitioners, clinicians, educators, and policymakers. Gathering feedback from all these different groups will help us to better understand their differing opinions and perspectives and use them to advance autism care through meaningful research.

Please see the pages below for more information on the various studies being conducted by MacART members and our collaborators:

  • Current studies – this is a list of research projects currently in progress.
  • Recruiting studies – this is a list of research projects that are open to those who may be interested in taking part.
  • Past studies – this is a list of past research projects that have been completed.

More information about participation in our research studies will be available soon.

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