Basic Science Research

Basic Science Research

Basic science research is intended to result in a gain in knowledge in a particular field, which extends understanding of that topic and provides a way of solving practical problems. One example might be how brain cells communicate with each other in Autistic persons.

Dr. Katrina Choe

Dr. Katrina Choe is a neuroscientist who investigates mechanisms by which Autism gene mutations disrupt social behaviour through a multi-level, integrative research strategy in animal models.

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Dr. Mackenzie Salt

Dr. Mackenzie Salt recently received his doctorate in Cognitive Science of Language from the Department of Linguistics and Languages at McMaster University. His research has focused on describing the pragmatic languages abilities and social skills of Autistic adults.

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Dr. Irene Drmic

Dr. Irene Drmic is a Psychologist at the Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre in the Autism Program and Child and Youth Mental Health Program. Her clinical and research interests include mental health in individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities, phenotypic and genetic overlap of Autism and neurodevelopmental disorders, predictors of treatment response and outcome, and program development

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Dr. Stephanie Lavoie

Dr. Stephanie Lavoie is a Neuropsychologist with the Pediatric Neurology Program and the Neonatal Follow-Up Clinic at McMaster Children’s Hospital. Stephanie’s clinical and research interests focus on mental health and neurological underpinnings of neurodevelopmental disorders. 

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Dr. Peter Szatmari

Dr. Peter Szatmari is a clinician-scientist and an international Autism expert. He has made significant contributions to the field in many areas including diagnosis, measurement, and longitudinal development – all of which led to significant changes in our understanding of Autism as well as the classification of Autism in both the DSM-IV and DSM-5. He

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Dr. Karun Singh

Dr. Karun Singh is a neuroscientist and stem cell biologist studying the cellular and molecular mechanisms of Autism. He is using a combination of mouse models and human brain cells to understand how genetic risk factors impact brain development.

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Dr. Diana Parvinchi

Dr. Diana Parvinchi is an Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct) in the School of Rehabilitation Science at McMaster University. She has worked developing a software-based intervention for Autistic children and examining functional connectivity (fMRI) in Autism. The findings from the fMRI study are being used to improve the design of the software-based intervention. Dr. Parvinchi’s work on

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Dr. Geoffrey Hall

Dr. Geoffrey Hall is an Associate Professor with the Department of Psychology, Behaviour and Neuroscience at McMaster University. Dr. Hall is interested in developing better classification metrics for Autism by understanding how genetic factors can produce changes at the level of the synapse and impact on neurodevelopmental trajectories.

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Dr. Jane Foster

Dr. Jane Foster studies gene-environment interactions in neurodevelopment. The Foster Lab has developed tools to examine early life growth and development, stress responsivity, activity, and social behaviours prior to puberty in mice. The ongoing integrated analysis of behaviour and brain imaging data will link host genetics and target disease-related genes to behaviour and brain structure. They

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