MacART Trainee Spotlight – Grace Teskey

MacART Trainee Spotlight – Grace Teskey

Grace Teskey

Master’s Student

Medical Sciences/McMaster Immunology Research Centre

Supervisor:  Dr. Dawn Bowdish

  • Describe your autism research program.
    I am investigating how the immune system contributes to autism symptoms by looking at markers of inflammation in children with autism.
  • How does your work contribute to the MacART vision of “advancing autism care through meaningful research”?
    Understanding the role of inflammation in autism can lead to better treatment of autism symptoms and behaviours.
  • Why do you think your research is interesting?
    We’ve known that the immune system can influence behaviour for a long time. My research is interesting because it asks what this influence has to do with neurodevelopmental disorders like autism, and improves our understanding of the physiology of autism.
  • If you could change one thing in the way we train the next generation of autism experts, what would that be?
    Try not to have silo vision. Understanding autism outside of your discipline of interest will help the understanding of your own research.
  • How can we improve our research efforts to advance autism care?
    I’m a big fan of a multidisciplinary approach to research. When different fields work together, the discoveries are so much more interesting.
  • Describe yourself in three words. 
    I’ll be reading!
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