MacART Member Recognitions

We are pleased to share the good news that some of our MacART members have recently received new funding and appointments.

MacART co-director Dr. Terry Bennett has been appointed as the Jack Laidlaw Chair in Patient Centred Health Care for a five-year term. This is the Chair previously held by Chuck Cunningham, which focuses on the well being of the patient and on research that will improve communication between health providers, patients and their families.  Dr. Bennett will focus on implementing, evaluating and scaling up ecological models of family-centered child mental healthcare.   

Dr. Briano Di Rezze is the recipient of New Investigator Funding from Hamilton Health Sciences. Dr. Di Rezze’s research is focused on developing measures to support clinical practice in rehabilitation research for patients with neurodevelopmental disabilities. This funding is supporting his development of a new tool describing levels of social communication abilities in children with autism, as well as his study of the challenges faced by young adults with disabilities when transitioning into adult roles. The next steps will be to expand these studies to the national level.

Dr. Magdalena Janus has received CIHR funding for her project “Missed opportunities for early intervention: Determinants of prevalence and characteristics of children with impairments unrecognized in health systems by kindergarten age among the 2009 birth cohort of Ontario children”.  This project aims to examine why some children who are reported by their teachers as having health impairment or special health needs in kindergarten have not been flagged in the healthcare system prior to school entry. Dr. Janus is also part of groups that received CIHR funding for work to investigate cannabis use in pregnancy and neurodevelopmental outcomes in children. Dr. Eric Duku is also a co-investigator on both of these projects.

Congratulations to all!

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